Bringing a few beach towels is a necessity when packing for your next ocean or pool trip. When picking out the best beach towels, consider aspects like their material, absorbency, and softness.

Why Are Beach Towels Important?

Beach towels are similar to traditional bath towels. The main difference is the thinness of a beach towel. This thinner material means they are lightweight for travel and dry quicker than a regular towel.

The best part about using a lightweight beach towel is that you can shake the sand out of them much more efficiently than a thicker bath towel. No more tracking sand into your car and throughout your house!

Choosing the Right Beach Towel Set

Investing in beach towels is a great idea if you live near the ocean or plan on traveling to the beach anytime soon.

This six-piece beach towel set is an excellent choice because these towels are 100% Turkish cotton, which is some of the softest materials available. These towels dry fast, especially on warm summer days. They are incredibly soft and come in fun vibrant colors.

Our Long-Lasting Beach Towel Sets

At Hencely’s, we sell quality, long-lasting beach towels in bulk that stay soft and absorbent for years of summer vacations. Check out more from our collection of beach towels here.

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