Be Creative Glass Framed Home Accessory | Canvas Print Art Decor

By Hencely

Redefining the home and office decor or deciding on new framed art designs has always been time-consuming. But look no further.

Whether you’re retouching your living space, entertainment arena, or the work area, this lightweight, digitally printed canvas picture poster will touch up the decor wherever you put it.

The canvas is stretched to the frame. And this framed decorative piece arrives ready to display out of the package.

You can put it in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen shelf to brighten the ambiance. This framed canvas print art will even sit on your office working desk or the welcome desk of your business premises. It syncs with the environment seamlessly, wherever it is.

You can also decorate this canvas print art decor with backlight LED illumination to improve the aesthetics of dimly lit rooms.

Material – Canvas, stretched to the frame
Print – Water-based digital printing
Frame Size – 11.80”x15.75”x1.41”
Image Size – 8.77”x12.72”
For interior use only