The hype surrounding Turkish towels might be a new development, but those bath towels have a historical presence. Traditionally known as Peshtemals, Turkish towels were first used in the 17th Century. The Turks used them in hammams (public baths) to cover themselves. And they still do. 

The present-day Turkish bath towels are the ones which became popular during the Ottoman Empire. These are made from 100% Turkish cotton. Apart from being highly absorbent and soft, these towels come in many different colors. 

You can use them in the bathroom, at pools, in gyms, at beaches, and also during sports. Because of the colors and varieties available, Turkish towels even go well with your garments. 

Yes, Turkish bath towels (or Peshtemals) can be an integral part of your fashion statement! Here’s how: 


It’s a nice autumn evening and you’re heading out for a walk. But what do you do when you realize it’s a little windy out there? You can pull out your Turkish beach towel and use it as a scarf. It will prevent your hair from getting messy and dirty, and you will look trendy, too! 


If you are enjoying a sunny day out and the weather starts cooling down, packing your favorite beach towel could help in such a situation, because you can pull it out and use it as a shawl. Turkish towels are thin and lightweight, so they won’t take a lot of space in your tote bag and you can comfortably carry it around. When you wear it, you can be proud, flaunting the colors!  


Are you worried about getting your pricey skirt dirty during a walk at the beach? Take it off and deck up in a matching Peshtemal! A vibrant, brightly-colored, designer Turkish bath towel won’t degrade your beauty, not even a pinch. 

Also, its high-absorbency will keep you dry in case of accidental water splashes or waves crawling towards your skirt. And, just a reminder, Turkish towels air-dry quickly. 

Beach Cover-up 

If you come out from the water and the cool breeze makes you shiver, you have nothing to worry about if you packed one of those cute Turkish bath towels you use at home. The Turkish towels are large enough to cover you up well and absorbent enough to pull off the water droplets from your skin. 

Would you like to look at our range of Turkish beach towels? 


A sarong is a piece of cloth tied around the waist. However, a long enough sarong can be used as a one-piece dress for beach and parties. And our Turkish towels are just the right size to double up as a sarong. 

The colors and designs are endless, and all you need is a matching hat to complete your beach look! 

Baby Wrap or Coverlet 

Turkish towels are soft, cozy, and warm. And since they absorb a good amount of water, they will dry your baby quickly after a refreshing bath. The towels are long enough and wide enough to wrap your baby in, too.  

They can also protect your child from the sun during an afternoon or morning stroll. They won’t even weigh your child down because they are so lightweight!  

How about buying a child-friendly design from our Turkish bath towels store and watch your precious offspring snuggle in it without making a fuss? 

Travel Blanket 

Turkish towels aren’t only for bathrooms, beaches, or parties. You can even use one as a blanket if you start feeling cold during transit. They’re thin and won’t take a lot of space to pack. Pull out your favorite towel from your wardrobe and fit it in your bag for such emergencies. 

Browse and Buy (with a Discount!) 

Clearly, you can see how versatile Turkish towels are. These Peshtemals, however, aren’t only good as fashion accessories but also for home décor. Check out the other ways to use a Peshtemal at beaches, parks, and also for your home. 

Browse our store to find the one which suits your need, personality, and occasion. We are waiting to see how you tie your Peshtemal around you! 

And if you want to get a bunch of these Turkish towels (by buying in bulk), we can even arrange a nice discount offer for you.  

What are you waiting for?