Have you ever wondered what sets pure Turkish cotton beach towels from the rest? If so, then you are in good hands. In this post, we’ll discuss the differences between 100% Turkish cotton beach towels vs. regular beach towels. Which is better? Read on to find out.

Chain Collection 100% Turkish Cotton Beach Towel

Towels are typically made of cotton, whether they are used for the beach or the bath. Turkish beach towels, in particular, have fibers that are usually a little smoother and stronger than many other kinds of cotton, giving them superior in terms of general quality right out of the gate.

It is a common choice for towels, given its versatility and practicality. These beach towels are soft, absorbent, and lightweight, thanks to the mix of tightly woven cotton on one side and velvety terry on the other.

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Due to its ultra-soft fabric, it’s perfect for anyone, including kids, teens, and adults. You won’t have to worry about stiff fibers scratching your delicate skin.

On top of that, its absorbent properties allow it to soak up all kinds of moisture with ease without a spill. Not to mention it dries off quickly. So, you don't need to let it soak in the sun or use a high-temp dryer to dry it off.

Aside from its practical use, it’s stylish enough to be worn as an accessory, like a shawl, scarf, skirt, or drape. Given Hencely’s wide range of designs, you can mindlessly pick a towel made of 100% Turkish cotton and still get a glamorous one.

Each diverse design gives off a unique vibe and a touch of character to your look, especially your swimwear.

Additionally, Turkish cotton beach towels can be used in any scenario. You can use it for your gym sessions, kitchen, bathroom, or even when going out for outdoor activities like picnics or camping.

August 23, 2022 — Hencely Team

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