What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

You can use any of the cards listed below to pay for your order:

American Express
Amazon Pay
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You can also pay for online orders with an Hencely Gift Card


I Just Made A New Order But I Forgot Something. Can You Add It?

After an order is paid, before shipped out you can edit it by adding items, removing items, and adjusting item quantities. the overall cost of an order is updated because the order is edited. If the price of the order changes, then we can adjust the charge or refund you the price difference

How Do I Cancel An Order?

You can cancel your order before it's shipped. Please reach us at info@hencely.com for your cancellation request. Once your order shipped, you won’t be able to cancel it.

How Do I Check My Order Status?

Order Status and tracking information is provided to your contact method and will get updated from order to delivery in every step.

I Have A Discount Code How Do I Use It?

After you’ve found a coupon code on Hencely.com you'll be able to use it at the checkout process. Paste or type the code you found into the “coupon” box and submit it. You may then see your discount applied to your balance. Enjoy your savings! Thanks for shopping with us.

I Am Missing An Item In My Package. What Shall I Do?

Before we ship your items we check and inspect them. As some shipments undergo some complicated and long routes, sometimes unpleasant things happen, and also the packages get damaged or may well be lost. not all of your items have arrived, you can contact us to inform about it.

Do You Ship To My Country ?

Most likely yes! we tend to ship nearly all over the world. to search out out if we tend to ship to your country, place an associate item in your cart, choose "View Cart", and so "Check out!". within the initial checkout step- Shipping Info chooses the 'Country from the menu. If your country is enclosed in this list, then we tend to ship to you! If your country isn't enclosed, you, sadly, will not be able to place associate order.

What Kind Of Shipping Do You Offer?

We offer Free Ground Shipping on orders over $35. We ship via FedEx, UPS, and USPS within the United States. We ship international orders with DHL Express. You can upgrade for faster shipping at check-out and you will be able to see the rates for your destination.

How Much Is Shipping To My Country?

We offer Free ground shipping over $35 in the United States. We also have Free Shipping for most of our items for international shipping. You can add the items in your cart and check out to see shipping fees for exact. Many countries charge taxes on shipments over a certain value. Please check with your country for local taxes and custom information

How Long Does Shipping Take?

After we shipped your item, it usually takes one to three business days to be delivered within the United States. When we ship your item, you get a tracking number and you can track your order. International orders usually take two to five business days to be delivered.

When Will You Ship My Order?

We usually ship your order within 24 hours when we received it. Some orders could take longer if customization is needed. And these orders usually ship between 2 and 3 days.

I Live in Japan. How Do You Send My Package?

We ship with DHL Express for international orders.

What Is Your Return Policy?

If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you'll be able to return the merchandise and obtain a full refund or exchange the merchandise for an additional one, be it similar or not. You can return a product for up to 30 days from the date you bought it. Any product you return must be within the same condition you received it and within the original packaging.

How Do I Return An Order?

All items may be returned within 30 days of delivery. To return an item, please contact Hencely Customer Service via info@hencely.com Please note that we may not cover return shipping costs for all orders. For more information, please review our Return Policy. You can return your product to the following address: HENCELY LLC 262 KNOX AVE, 12, Cliffside Park NJ 07010, the United States

Who Pays For The Return Of The Item?

We might not cover return shipping costs for all orders. For more information, please review our Return Policy. We can provide a label for your return and deduct it from a refund. We'll send a return shipping label by email and you can download and print the label if you request it.

How Quickly Will I Get My Refund?

refunds are processed immediately once we received the return. However, depending on your bank, it should take some days for your refund amount to reflect in your account. Usually, it takes 2 days for the credit card refund to be processed, and 3-5 days for the refund amount to show up in your account. Please let us know if you need additional help.

Which Bath Towels Are The Most Absorbent?

Turkish bath towels are among the most absorbent towels. They will dry you out completely. And they air-dry themselves quickly too. Hencely has a range of Turkish towels in various colors and sizes.

What Are Turkish Towels?

Turkish towels are cotton towels weaved in the looms of Turkey. These towels use high-quality Turkish cotton, which is known for its long fibers. The towels have been used in Turkish baths (hammams) for centuries, and thus, are also called Hammam towels. Fouta towels and Peshtemals are other names used for Turkish bath towels.

What Is Special About Turkish Towels?

Turkish towels are known for their softness, high absorbency, and quick drying. But they’ve many more features. Turkish bath towels are thinner than regular bath towels and are lightweight. They take up less space and can be carried anywhere easily. Also, these towels get softer and more absorbent with each wash. And the long fibers of Turkish cotton makes these towels durable and long-lasting. That’s why Hencely sells bath towels made with 100% organic Turkish cotton. Also, the length of Hencely bath towels makes them the ideal choice in a variety of scenarios. You can use Hencely towels as couch throws, picnic mats, shawls, and various other ways.

How Are Turkish Bath Towels Made?

All towels from Hencely Home Textiles are made in Turkey. We make these towels with 100% organic cotton, sourced from the local cotton fields of Turkey. The towels are checked to ensure they retain the quality promised. After the towels have been woven and they pass the quality checks, we import them into the USA to distribute all around the world.

Why To Buy A Turkish Bath Towel?

Turkish bath towels are quick drying and highly absorbent, and that’s why they're perfect as regular towels. Turkish towels brought to you by Hencely are compact and lightweight too. Therefore, these are also ideal to be your go-to towels during traveling or working out. Hencely towels are durable and they serve a variety of purposes.

Can My Bath Towel Be A Beach Towel?

Absolutely! You can use these bath towels as your beach towels. And these Turkish towels will also double up as beach mats. The towels are large enough to be wrapped around as warm blankets or as fancy skirts too. Hencely also has a range of colorful beach-themed towels. So, pack a couple of them during your next beach trip.

Where Can I Use Turkish Bath Towels?

The vivid colors of Turkish towels and their durability make them versatile. People use them as beach towels, pool towels, and yoga towels as well. They also carry these during camping and traveling. And the Turkish bath towels can be used as blankets or pillows too. You can even wrap them around as scarves, shawls, or sarongs. And these are great as half-aprons during your daily kitchen rituals too. The list is endless. Some people also use Turkish towels as bed coverlets, table runners, and wall tapestries. So, check the variety of towels available with Hencely and decide how you want to use them.

Are Turkish Bath Towels Big?

Turkish towels are large enough to cover your body, but also light enough to be travel- friendly. They're thinner than the regular bath towels, and take up less space during packing.

What Size Bath Towels Do I Need?

The ideal size for bath towels is a personal preference. Hencely bath towels are 28 inches (70 cm) wide and 58 inches (147 cm) long. And apart from drying your body, these towels can be blankets or scarves too. If you need something larger than the bath towels, look at the bath sheets by Hencely. These are 35 inches (90 cm) wide and 64 inches (163 cm) long.

What Is The Difference Between A Bath Sheet And A Bath Towel?

The major difference between a bath sheet and a bath towel is the size. Bath sheets are larger than bath towels. And if you find bath towels not large enough to be your beach mat or blanket, you can go for bath sheets. Because of their larger size, bath sheets can absorb more water too, than the towels. But, also keep in mind that bath sheets take longer to dry. And they need more space while packing. You will find many refreshing designs in Hencely’s bath sheets range.

Are Turkish Bath Towels Hard To Take Care Of?

No, they are not! All you got to do is to wipe your body and hang your towels out to dry. They will be ready for another wiping session soon. And if you notice your towels have started losing absorbency, wash them in warm (around the same as your body temperature) water. And they would turn as good as new once they dry.

How To Wash And Care For Turkish Bath Towels?

You don’t need much effort for washing and taking care of Turkish towels. In fact, they remain fresh and dry for a longer time than many other bath towels in the market. Here are the recommendations from Hencely when to wash and care for your bath towels. Turkish Towel Washing Instructions

  • Wash them in warm water, around the same as your body temperature.

  • Use just the right amount of detergent, not more.

  • Refrain from using fabric softeners. Turkish Towel Care Instructions

  • If your towels are smelly, add a cup of white vinegar while washing. Vinegar also acts as a natural softener.

  • Add a half cup of baking soda to warm water for a second wash cycle. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer, and it will make your towels look brighter too.

  • If some tassels have come undone while washing, twist them, and tie them in a knot again. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

  • And in case you see a pulled thread, cut it with scissors. Hencely bath towels are woven, and cutting a pulled-out thread won’t damage its longevity.

  • Hencely recommends hanging your towels out to dry in fresh air after use. Hencely bath towels dry quickly and they become softer with each use. Also, dry towels smell fresh for a long time and are ready for the next use.

    Can You Wash Bath Towels With Clothes?

    You should wash bath towels separately from your clothes for sanitary reasons. Also, sometimes you might need to use hot water to clean your towels. So, it would be better, in that case, to wash the towels separately. And remember that you shouldn’t wash different shades together.

    How Often Should I Wash My Towels?

    We recommend washing your towels every 3-5 uses. You should wash towels frequently to keep them free from germs and bacterial growth. The normal cold water is fine for regular wash cycles. And you can go for a deep cleaning every 5-6 weeks with baking soda and white vinegar. Also, dry it completely after each wash. Turkish cotton towels become softer and more absorbent after each wash.

    Do Turkish Towels Dry Quickly?

    Yes, Turkish bath towels dry quicker than other regular bath towels. It is because they're made with special quality cotton grown only in Turkey. And the towels by Hencely consists of 100% Turkish cotton. Check our range of Turkish bath towels.

    How To Dry Turkish Bath Towels?

    You don’t have to put any special efforts to dry your Turkish towels. You can hang them out in the fresh air, and they’ll be ready for use in no time.

    Can You Put Turkish Towels In The Dryer?

    We recommend you air-dry your Turkish towels. These towels love to dry naturally, so the use of dryers should be occasional. But if you want to use a dryer on these luxury towels, use a medium heat setting.

    Can I Use A Fabric Softener To Make My Towels Softer?

    We recommend the use of fabric softeners on the Turkish cotton towels. Using softeners make the towels water-repellent and less absorbent. Hencely towels are made of 100% Turkish cotton, and they get softer naturally after each wash and dry cycle. However, if your towels have turned stiff (yes, it happens because of detergent residues), add a cup of white vinegar to the water while washing.

    How Can I Make My Towels As Absorbent As Possible?

    It might be possible that new towels aren’t absorbing as much water as they should. It’s because of the presence of fluff, lint, and other particles, which affect the absorbency of the cotton fibers. But it’s nothing to worry about. Just soak the towels in normal water for a few hours, rinse them well, and hang them out to dry. Next time when you use your towels, they would clean the water droplets off your body normally. It’s also possible that your favorite Turkish bath towels become less absorbent over time. It happens when the residues of detergent or fabric softener stick to the fibers. They reduce the absorbency of the towels. And all your towels need, is a good wash. Just add a cup of white vinegar to the wash cycle. The vinegar will remove the chemical particles sticking to the fibers and restore your towels to full absorbency. You can carry out this exercise every 5-6 weeks to keep your towels as absorbent as possible.

    How To Keep Colored Towels From Fading?

    Washing with cold (or normal temperature) water will prevent the towels from bleeding colors and fading. So, during the first few washes, use cold water with a low amount of detergent. For the best results, use a detergent that works with cold water. Also, wash dark and light-shaded bath towels separately. And avoid the use of fabric softeners. Instead, add white vinegar and baking soda during washing every 5-6 weeks. White vinegar will soften the fibers, and baking soda makes the towels brighter. Baking soda acts as a deodorizer too.

    How Long Do Bath Towels Last?

    People replace bath towels every 2 years. But, good quality Turkish towels can last anywhere between 5-10 years. If proper care is taken, Hencely towels might last more than that. These Turkish bath towels, anyway, aren’t hard to take care of.

    How Many Bath Towels Should You Have?

    Most people use two sets of towels – bath towels, bath sheets, hand towels, and washcloths – each week. So, to avoid any emergencies, have at least 3-4 bath towels for each person. For a couple, the minimum is 10 bath towel sets. And a family of four might do away with 15 towel sets. Still, more the better!

    Where Can I Find Bath Towels Of All Sizes And Colors?

    Hencely sells Turkish towel sets in a variety of colors and designs. Each set consists of four towels –

  • Washcloth (Size – 12 in x 12 in, or 30 cm x 30 cm)
  • Hand Towel (Size – 16 in x 28 in, or 40 cm x 70 cm)
  • Bath Towel (Size – 28 in x 58 in, or 70 cm x 147 cm)
  • Bath Sheet (Size – 35 in x 64 in, or 90 cm x 163 cm)

  • Check the store to find the designs you would like to have. Apart from the regular daily-use towels, Hencely also offers colorful beach towels and vibrant Turkish Peshtemals. A wide range of designs and color choices are available for those too.

    Where To Buy High-Quality Bath Towels In Bulk?

    You can buy high-quality Turkish bath towels in bulk from Hencely Home Textiles. We’re a the US-based textile company, supplying bath towels which are made in Turkey. Apart from the existing designs in our store, we can also design personalized bath towels with custom prints. We supply these 100% Turkish cotton towels to hotels, restaurants, spas, and business centers around the world.

    What Are The Best Bath Towels To Buy For Everyday Use?

    Cotton bath towels are the best for daily use. And Turkish cotton towels, with long and soft fibers are known for their absorbency.

    Which Bath Towels Don't Shed?

    Hencely bath towels don’t shed balls of fibers. They’re woven with Turkish cotton, which is characterized by its long and thin fibers. Wash them with warm water before first use, with a cup of white vinegar. It will clean the fluff if any.

    Which Bath Towels Are Lint-Free?

    Turkish towels by Hencely are lint-free. They are made of long cotton fibers and don’t shed. But, wash them once before first use. It will also make them softer and more absorbent.

    Why Do My Bath Towels Smell?

    Bath towels smell because of the presence of bacteria. These bacteria stick to the fibers and keep multiplying, if not taken care of. Prolonged moist towels, detergent and softener residues, and various other reasons promote bacterial growth. And to have your bath towels smell fresh for longer times –

  • Use just the right amount of detergent, not more.
  • Refrain from using fabric softeners as much as possible.
  • Remove towels from the washing machine after the wash cycles are complete.
  • Hang them out to dry in fresh air after use.
  • Keep your washing machine clean, dry, and free of dirt.

  • Many people prefer Turkish bath towels, as these towels absorb water well and dry quickly too. Check the colorful and diverse range of Hencely towels.

    What Can I Do About Musty Bath Towels?

    If your bath towels get a musty and mildewy odor, they need a deep cleaning. Remove all the clothes from your washing machine, and clean the machine properly before putting your towels in. Then, do the following steps to get fresh-smelling towels again –

  • Use hot water and detergent to kill bacteria, molds, and mildew from the towels. Add a cup of white vinegar to loosen detergent build-up and remove stains if any.
  • After the first wash cycle, add a half cup of baking soda and hot water for a second wash cycle. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and cleanser. It will make your bath towels brighter too.

  • If your towels become smelly often, you might like to replace them with the quick-dry Turkish towels from Hencely. They're luxurious and feel soft on the skin. Check the range in our store.

  • Remove the towels from the machine immediately after the wash and rinse them well.
  • Put them in the dryer with a medium heat setting to not damage the fibers. Ensure that they dry completely. Bath towels from Hencely Home Textiles dry quickly without a dryer too.
  • Which Bath Towels Stay Soft?

    Turkish towels are among the softest bath towels. And they stay soft if you wash and take care of them properly.