Stripe designs have been a common favorite for many. And today, you’re going down the rabbit hole. In this post, you’ll be reading about some of the best striped beach towel designs that will surely catch the eye of the beholder.

Rainbow Striped

Rainbow striped beach towel 

Rainbow designs have been really trendy in recent years, and nobody can deny that rainbows are beautiful. They totally catch your eye with flying colors! Pun intended.

Being colorful is the most direct way to stand out from a dull crowd. Given its color and design, it’s perfect for kids, teens, and adults alike!

Green Striped

Striped Pool Towel

This handcrafted beach towel, also known as Peshtemal, Hammam Towel, and Fouta Towel, is made of native Turkish cotton. Also, look at the blend of color patterns! If you like mint green, this color scheme will suit you perfectly.

The alternating breed and white stripes give off a fresh vibe, complimenting the summer heat, which goes well with smaller white and blue stripes to match any water scenery.

Brown Striped

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Are you into nude or neutral colors? If so, this brown and white striped beach towel is for you. In home design, they say neutral colors give off a more modern feel, while nude colors help make the house look warm. And that concept is also complementary to this towel design.

A dull brown paired with white stripes scream “trendy” and, at the same time, low-profile. You might not look vivid, but the neutral feel offers a mature edge to your swimsuit.

Aqua Striped

Aqua stripe Turkish Beach Towel

Shades of blue also appeal in today’s modern age, especially in summer settings. How about an aqua-blue stripe beach towel? A blue beach towel can go with any swimsuit. It fits the summer scenery.

It matches the sky, the sea, and even swimming pools! This color design contrasts nicely with the sand, giving the impression that you’re about to have a blast at the beach!

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