Spruce up your bathroom with a Turkish bath towel and hand towel set that is both comfortable and stylish. These towels come in various colors, including rose pink, emerald green, pewter, gray, and scarlet. The bath towel is fully absorbent and soft on your skin. It will dry your skin and hair in a matter of minutes.

The hand towel is equally as soft but is much smaller. It is a perfectly sized hand towel to dry your hands. The towel is made from 100% organic Turkish cotton sourced directly from Turkey. Perfect for guests washing their hands in the powder room, this hand towel matches the bath towel perfectly for stylish bathroom decor.

When it comes to having a comfortable living space, what could be more important than soft, cozy bath towels and hand towels in your bathroom? As the cold tile floor hits your feet, you’ll be relieved to reach for a fluffy, soft, warm bath towel to dry yourself after a shower or bath.

This bath towel and hand towel set also include a payment plan via Shoppay if you want to split up your payments. Check out Hencely’s signature bath towel and hand towel sets today.

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