There's almost nothing better than stepping out of the shower and wrapping up in a warm, soft, richly colored towel. It's a feeling often reserved for a nice hotel, with bath towels at home far too often ending up worn out or too small. There's also a tendency to choose less absorbent towels in favor of thin towels that will dry quickly.

Hencely bath towels are great at providing that luxury feeling without breaking the bank or taking hours upon hours to dry. They're made of Turkish cotton, which is soft and absorbent but still dries quickly.

One way to know you're getting a bath towel that's at that sweet spot of comfort and practicality is to look at the GSM, or grams per square meter. Cheap towels or ones that are intentionally thin, such as a kitchen hand towel, will be 200-400 GSM. Everyday bath towels tend to run from 400-600 GSM. Luxury towels, the kinds that are so plush that they never seem to get dry, run 600-900 GSM.

At 550 GSM, Hencely bath towels are in the high end of that middle, great-for-home bath towel range. They're 100% Turkish cotton, and they are wonderfully soft and absorbent without needing to be immediately run through the dryer to avoid staying wet all day. You can get a taste of luxury at home, without adding in the overhead costs of a fancy hotel!

Hencely's bath towel collection comes in four different sizes to meet all your bathroom linen needs. There are wash cloths that are 12" x 12", and the hand towels are 16" x 28". The bath towels are 28" x 58", and there are bath sheets, which are basically large bath towels, that weigh in at an impressive 35" x 64"!

Each product has 11 different color options, from neutral colors to reds, blues, and purples. You can get all four types of product in matching or complementary colors. Sometimes, it's great to have the same color bath linens for the whole house. This makes washing and putting things away a snap, since it doesn't matter which ones go where. Sometimes, it's good to have different colors for each bathroom; maybe the guest bathroom is a neutral, elegant cream, and the master bathroom is a fun light green. Some people even get a different color set for each person in the household so that bathroom linens don't get mixed up, even when they're clean.

Whatever your method or mood, Hencely's got a bath towel for you.

Most commonly, people simply buy four bath towels and maybe a couple of hand towels and wash cloths. If you want four bath towels in the same color, you're in luck! Hencely offers a set of four bath towels  at an impressive discount, Buying a set of four bath towels is over $30 cheaper than buying four of them separately! This makes a good value into an even better one.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Hencely's bath towel collection right now, and bring home linens that make your daily bathroom routine a dream.

January 23, 2021 — Hencely Team

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