With modern technology, washing towels seems simple enough. However, many of us do it the wrong way. Here are some tips for fresh, long-lasting bath towels.

Avoid Washing Bath Towels with Clothes

While it may seem more time efficient, you should refrain from washing your bath towels with your clothes. Since these towels and everyday clothes serve different purposes. Combining them in the washing machine could transmit certain bacteria.

For your health, wash your bath towels separately from your clothes.

How Often Should You Wash a Bath Towel?

Before you use your new set of ultra-soft bath towels, wash them first. This makes the towels fluffier and more absorbent.

Try to wash your bath towels within a few days of using them to prevent unwanted bacteria growth.

Wash your white towels separately from your colorful towels to avoid staining.

How to Wash and Dry A Turkish Bath Towel

Many high-quality bath towels contain 100% Turkish or Egyptian cotton. These towels require special care to preserve their softness.

To wash Turkish cotton bath towels, use cold water. Do not use any bleach or fabric softener. These chemicals could damage the cotton. Air dry the towel or tumble it on the low setting in the dryer.

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November 16, 2022 — Hencely Team

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