Confession: I haven't actually purchased a good beach towel in probably a decade. I've bought grocery store towels or Target's cheapest towels when I ended up on a spontaneous trip to the pool or beach. I've gotten poor quality (but cool looking!) towels in subscription boxes, and I use these as decor because I can't stand how they feel against my skin, or because they seem to attract every single piece of sand on the beach.

So I have beach towels, but a new beach towel that looks nice and does what it's supposed to? Not so much.

This year, I'm planning things out a little better. I was determined to find the perfect beach towel. The perfect beach towel looks great, doesn't grab too much sand, is light, soft, and will last through some use. Someone sent me a link to Hencely's beach towels, and I fell in love. All of Hencely's towels are wonderfully soft and big enough to be comfortable, so I had over 100 designs to choose from. I didn't just find one towel I liked; I found four I needed!

01 Splash Beach Towel | 02 Blue Fish Beach Towel | 03 Beach House Print Beach Towel | 04 Hello Summer Star Fish Beach Towel

When the page of towels first loaded, I saw the paint-splashed beach towel right at the top. I absolutely love the colors, and it makes me want to lie down by the pool and trace the splashes with my fingertips. It also sort of makes me want to get out my rarely-used paint set and have fun! It's got the right, cool colors to fit in anywhere, but it's fun enough to stand out.

The bright blue towel with sea creatures on it also jumped out and grabbed my attention. How cute is that? I could immediately picture myself walking back to my towel after a dip in the ocean. The bright blue makes this towel easy to spot in the sand, and then the happy little fish and octopus are there to greet me when I reach my towel.

I love the beach house print because it's a little more subtle, but it has so much detail! This one brought to mind laying on my stomach on the beach or a pool chair. It's a nice, light color, but while I'm there, I can look at the little house and all its designs for a long time. Some of the best beach towels double as entertainment!

The "Hello Summer!" beach towel is great because it has a really simple, classic impact, visually, but there's still enough going on to keep it from being boring. I love the font they chose, and I like the contrast between the colors. It's very cute, without being childish. It's a great design and one I'd be happy to take to any beach, pool, or even the gym.

With all of these towels being Hencely's high-quality, large, soft beach towels, I knew I didn't have to worry about choosing the wrong towel, but all four of these went into my cart, because how could they not??

Check out Hencely's beach towel collection for yourself, and let me know which ones are your favorites!

March 15, 2021 — Hencely Team

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