Quick dry towels are pretty self-explanatory based on their name. But that’s the magic behind it? Well, you’re about to find out. So keep reading to find out more!

To purchase Pineapple design beach towel 

These handcrafted quick dry beach towels are 100% made of plush Turkish cotton, and you may dry off in style. They are super absorbent, soaking up moisture as quickly as you can count. Each stroke can smoothly glide on your skin without irritation.

Additionally, the long cotton fibers allow for fewer joins, which makes these premium beach towels feel smoother on your skin. Its ultra-soft fabric is perfectly fluffy, so it’s great for infants, kids, adults, and anyone with sensitive skin.

Compared to other towels, this Turkish beach towel is more absorbent. It may even quickly air dry without needing a high-temperature dryer or clothes spinner.

These versatile towels don't smell like a typical cotton towel and are simple to use as bath towels. And not to mention their compact and lightweight profile, making them thin enough to fit into most traveling bags.


These super soft towels measure 37 x 73 inches and come in a variety of colors to choose from. Think of it as an accessory. It’s practical and fashionable!

Turkish cotton is very absorbent and dries quickly. In addition, these towels dry quickly compared to typical cotton towels, which lessens mildew growth and smells. So if ever you need a quick drying solution to wipe off sweat or saltwater, these Turkish towels are your friend.

Not to mention, its size is large enough to make it ideal for use as a shawl, scarf, drape, or head covering. So you're free to use it anytime and anywhere in the spa, the gym, or on beach days.

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