A living room should be cozy and laid back. It should be welcoming for the friends and other guests, whether it is dark and rustic, or light and chic. And so should be the metal wall decor items. But what to put on there?

Well, to start with, check this Four Elements metal wall art, perfect for a nature-themed living room. It will look good on a gallery wall or the wall behind the sofa.

You can also hang stylish metallic word art, made with bronze, silver or other metal. Check this black metal word art for example. You can even put separate alphabets to form a word.

Also, try this deer head metal wall decor, instead of an actual deer head, for your living room. It will look good above the fireplace or in the sitting area as well.

From simple wall organizers to classic painting reproductions, metal can take many shapes. They also fit in different interior designs – whether a luxurious look or a minimal style.

So, check Hencely’s metal wall decor store and find for yourself, what suits your living room the best. And if you can’t find anything suitable, get in touch.

February 05, 2021 — Hencely Team

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