Aside from a stylish pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, and a good book, a Turkish towel is something you can’t be without when on the beach.
It can protect you from hot sand and help you get dry after swimming. You can also use it as a shawl, sarong, or a dress as you walk around the beach looking for a spot.
But why a Turkish beach towel specifically?
Turkish towels are made from 100% Turkish cotton, or at least the best ones are. They are tightly woven and deceptively absorbent.

What makes a Turkish beach towel very effective is that it uses flat-woven, extra-long fibers. This method makes the towel thin and easy to carry around. However, it can absorb much moisture and will dry you quickly.
Even better, the towel itself will dry up in a few minutes, ready to be used again.

So far, all these things describe just about any good-quality beach towel, but here’s what separates one that is made from 100% Turkish cotton: You can still use it even when you are not on the beach.
If you get chilly, you can use it as a scarf. It is soft to the touch, comfortable, and can keep you warm. You can use it at home or wherever the road takes you. The fact that it is very lightweight helps a lot.
Do you go to the gym regularly? Then, you do not have to invest in another towel, as your Turkish beach towel can get the job done.

On top of all these, a Turkish beach towel is useful even if you do not need a towel or a clothing accessory. This is because Turkish towels are more than just a piece of cloth or textile — they are works of art.
Even if you get one that has a simple design, the craftsmanship behind it makes it look elegant. You can use it to decorate your apartment or home and create a minimalistic look.

In terms of maintenance, Turkish beach towels are easy to care for. You can load it into the washer and use a gentle cycle. As for the dryer, use low heat settings; better yet, you can just hang it up to dry.
Finally, do not add fabric softeners as they can gunk up the fabric.
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July 01, 2022 — Hencely Team

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