Summer is finally here and you are more than ready to hit the beach! To enjoy yourself the most, you should definitely get your summer essentials. Of course, a great beach towel is one of them. But what is the ideal size of a beach towel, to have the best experience? 

Beach towels are slightly different than regular towels. Unlike other towels, being simply absorbent is not enough. A good beach towel should be able to work as a barrier between you and the sand. It should also be as big as you can comfortably lay on and enjoy yourself.

Choosing a beach towel that has the ideal size for you also depends on your needs and preferences. For instance, if you are a mother and, therefore, need a wider space to put your belongings or want your little one right by your side while sunbathing, you can go for extra-large beach towels. Although bath towels are generally smaller than beach towels, if you are looking for a really large towel to lay on at the beach you can also go for large bath sheets or XL bath sheets, which would work just fine when it comes to the size.
Let's check out the ideal towel sizes together.

This is not the only feature you should check out while buying a towel for the beach. There are some other aspects you should pay attention to, in order to have the best experience. For instance, because bath towels are expected to be subjected to water more than beach towels, they might be little thicker and heavier, when compared.

While buying a beach towel, bear in mind that thin and lightweight beach towels are much easier to carry around. In addition, they are more quick-drying. That makes Turkish beach towels (also known as Peshtemals, Hammam towels, or Ottoman towels) a great option!

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July 31, 2019 — Hencely Team

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