The next time you go to the gym, consider adding a few gym towels to your bag. When looking for the right gym towel, think about qualities like size, material, and absorbency.

The Purpose of Gym Towels

Gym towels come in all sizes and materials depending on one’s preference and needs. Typically, people prefer theirs between the size of a washcloth and a hand towel. This is a convenient size for travel.

Since the gym is a shared space, keeping up regular hygienic practices is a must. That’s where gym towels come in. Bringing a towel to your next workout means you can wipe down equipment and machinery before and after use. You can even bring an extra towel to pat away excess facial sweat.

Choosing the Right Gym Towel

Purchasing several gym towels is a great idea, especially if you are an avid gym-goer.

Check out this six-piece set of bath towels. This set comes with two washcloths, hand towels, and bath towel sizes for variety. These towels contain 100% Turkish cotton, which is one of the softest and most absorbent materials. Their high absorbency works well for wiping away sweat at the gym.

Our Absorbent Gym Towels

Here at Hencley’s, we offer high-quality gym towels in bulk for various activities. Discover more towels from our collection here.

December 12, 2022 — Hencely Team

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