Sunglasses Design Beach Towel Green

By Hencely

100% Cotton: We use natural, non-synthetic fibers for a comforting feel that doesn't make you worry
about what's touching your skin.
Large: At 37 inches by 73 inches, this beach towel is large enough to get you warm and dry.
Soft and Fluffy: Our cotton beach towels are soft and fluffy, and they're so cozy that you'll want to use
your towel every day.
Absorbent: We use absorbent materials so that you can get nice and dry after a dip in the water.
Quick Drying: Our beach towels dry quickly, meaning you don't have to wait all day for your beach
towel to stop being wet.
Sand Free: Our beach towels don't hold on to the sand, so you don't have to bring home a towel's worth of
sand with you; just shake the sand loose, fold the towel, and go on with your day.
Lightweight: At just 9.5 ounces (or 270 grams), our towels are lightweight and easy to carry or to store
in your bag.