If you want to make a splash at the beach, it's important to have a beach towel that really grabs attention. From bright colors to unique patterns to high contrast, there's an attention-grabbing towel that suits every style. Hencely's gorgeous beach towels are soft, lightweight, and absorbent, and they have dozens to choose from.

1. Palm Leaves

This towel, with its bright red and contrasting white, really catches the eye. The blue accents only serve to further make this design stand out. It would look perfect at the beach with you!

2. Mandala Pesthemal

The bright colors in this towel make it a fantastic choice if you like mandala patterns. Instead of just one mandala, the towel is covered, and the colors and layout make it visually appealing instead of overwhelming.

3. Rainbow Stripes 1

June is Pride month in several countries. If you'd like to show your involvement or support (or if you just like rainbows!), this rainbow towel is a beautiful, bright way to do it.

4. Rainbow Stripes 2

Want a bright gradient of colors, more of an ombre than distinct stripes? This towel isn't a traditional rainbow, but it's certainly as bright as one! The pink and green Amy variant is as colorful as a fresh watermelon and just as appealing.

5. Starfish Pesthemal

Shades of gray don't always sound eye-catching, but Hencely has multiple towels that use contract and pattern to grab attention without bright colors. This one would look particularly good on a poolside lounger.

6. Stone Design Pesthemal

Another choice for fans of grays, this stone design is unique and has great contrast. Unlike stones, this towel is just as soft and absorbent as the rest of Hencely's beach towels.

7. Shibori Tie Dye

Hencely has plenty tie-dye beach towels to choose from, and this one is certainly eye-catching. The bold circles draw attention, and the colors work really well near any type of water.

8. Aztec Rug

This Aztec rug beach towel is a classic for a reason. It has a distinctive pattern that grabs attention and holds it, and it's available in several different colors.

9. Nautical

This bold, nautical design will catch nearly any eye. It has rich colors and a classic beach design. It works on the beach, on a boat, or hung as decor in a nautical-themed room.

10. Owl

If you like cartoon styles or want an attention-grabbing towel to make your child easier to spot, check out this adorable owl towel. The colors are bright, with great contrast, and the design itself is irresistibly adorable.

May 09, 2021 — Hencely Team

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