What could possibly be better than a beach towel that's soft, light, absorbent, and quick-drying?

Hencely's beach towels have all these features, and they're attractive, too! They have an entire selection of gorgeous, handmade, tie-dye towels to choose from depending on your favorite types of tie-dye.


Tie-dye beach towels are fantastic for a day at the beach. They're large and bright, with unique details and color variations. You can lie down or wrap up in these perfect towels and enjoy your time in the sand.

Tie-dye towels are excellent at the pool. The colors tend to work really well with the way light reflects off the pool's surface. With the nice, large towels, you can cover a public poolside lounge well enough to rest comfortably, or you can dry off thoroughly with a towel that folds small enough to fit in a small-to-medium-sized purse.


These beach towels are also great if you want to use beach towels as decor. They're lovely when hung as tapestries, adding bright or bold colors or softening a room.

Hencely has many different types of tie-dye to choose from. There are beach towels with the traditional spiral design in tie-dye, and there are beach towels with very distinct color patterns.


Some of the beach towels have tie-dye designs that look like smoke. These are very cool, and they're good if you have a kid who wants something that's more on the "awesome" side of things and less on the "pretty" side.

The shibori tie-dye towels look a lot like the patterns light makes as it streams through a multi-paned window, which is a great association for a towel to have!

No matter your favorite type of tie-dye, Hencely has the perfect option for you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop us a line so we can help you look and feel fantastic with our beach towels!


May 09, 2021 — Hencely Team

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