Best Metal Decor for Your Home Office

You are now working from home. Or, maybe, you always did. The part is that part of
your house or apartment is your office. But it doesn’t mean you have to stay eight or
more hours per day in a dull place.
There are plenty of decorative pieces you can use to brighten up your working
space. And one of your best choices is to pick something made of metal. Why?

 It will suit many design styles, from modern to industrial
 It’s durable, plus easy to maintain and clean
 You can customize it just with a coat of paint
 It’s a cheap option that can look expensive
 It still looks professional so that it can be the background of your video calls

But what is the best metal decor for your home office? Well, it depends on the
purpose it will serve. You will find some ideas below.

Metal decor for stress management
One of the best ways to get work done is by keeping stress under control. So, why not
count with a little help from your metal decor?
Choose a decorative piece with the four elements and keep it at sight. It will make
you remember to take a deep breath and refocus from time to time.

Metal decor for goal setting
Let’s be honest. Many of us work hard to make sure we can afford the travels of our
dreams. But, sometimes, we need to remind us why we go through those boring
Here is where a world map in metal decor will help you. Hang it on your wall, along
with some photos of your past trips, and use it to plan what comes next.

metal world map

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Metal decor for time management

Are you losing track of time because you are working from home? This happens to
all of us, especially during the long summer days. And the truth is that a mobile
phone isn’t a good substitute for a watch.
This is where a metal wall clock will come in handy. It will make sure you know when
to take your breaks and when your shift ends, while also being a beautiful piece of
industrial art.

Metal decor for a bit of inspiration
If you need something to cheer you up throughout the day, hang something on the
wall that will make you smile. You will be impressed by how a simple note can
recharge your batteries.
Look something with your favorite inspirational quote or try something new. What
about an eagle telling you to fly high? Or a piece reminding you that “ done is better
than perfect ?”

Metal decor for a useful reason

Maybe you are saving money and don’t want to spend on something random just to
make the place look nice. You want something that is also functional, that can help
you with your daily work.
Metal decor can be the answer here too: you can have a useful pegboard that won’t
let you forget what you have to do next. Or a mirror on the wall, so you can check
your look before turning Zoom on.

mirror world map decor

Metal decor for art lovers
If you work in the art industry or draw energy from artistic pieces, you might be
thinking that this isn’t for you. But you still can consider having metal decor in your
home office.
It might surprise you, but you can find several masterpieces redesigned in metal,
such as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Or Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss.

van gogh flowers metal decor 

August 30, 2020 — Hencely Team

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