What is the best wall art for my teenager’s bedroom?

Choosing what to hang on the wall of your teenager’s bedroom room can be difficult. They are no longer a child, neither an adult yet. It’s still your house, but it’s their private space.

How to decide?

You will need to consider some important things when picking the best wall art for a young adult. Let’s discuss them below.

Step One – Think about your Teenager

Put yourself in your teenager’s shoes by answering the following questions – or ask them directly. This information will help you to learn what they might like and find useful, increasing your chances of making the right choice.


1 - What your teenager wants?

What your teenager would like to have on their bedroom’s wall? Something functional? Artwork? What type of artwork?


Even if you think he or she isn’t prepared to make an interior design decision, they should be involved in the process. Otherwise, your beautiful wall art might end up under their bed. Or worse.

On the other hand, it’s possible they don’t give you an objective opinion or don’t feel like participating in your quest. Remain calm and carry on. Accept this as a vote of confidence in you. Then enjoy the opportunity to choose the wall art on your own, with a clear conscience.


2 – What are their interests and hobbies?

The wall art you pick should be somehow connected to your teenager’s interests and hobbies.

Who is their favorite singer or YouTube influencer? Do they play video games or a musical instrument? Is he or she artistic or a geek? Do they have plenty of books or action figures to show off? Do they love travelling? You might want to buy a world map to display their past and future destinations.

Once you know these answers, think about the elements connected to their favorite things. It can be colours and patterns, or an attitude or style.

When you take their preferences on board, you are more likely to buy something suitable and matching with what they already have in their room.


3 – What about their personality?

Is there something about their personality you should consider when choosing wall art for your teenager’s bedroom? For instance:

  • Are they more introvert or extrovert?
  • Would they like to have several discreet pieces on the wall or just one big statement?
  • Would they rather have something monochromatic or with bold colors?

No matter how much you understand of interior design, keep your ears and eyes open to their style and opinions. Always remember: he or she is the one who will spend time in the room and look at that item on the wall every day. Not you.


4 – How many functions does the bedroom have?

A teen’s bedroom is more than a place to sleep. And the wall art you choose must be compatible with multiple functionalities.

Do they do their homework there? Have friends over? Store collectables? Take selfies? Record videos? Do their gym workout? All this together?

Depending on your answers, the meaning of “the best wall art” will change. You might need something that looks great as an Instagram background. Or that can be used to display their photos or treasures.

Wall art can also become a sign, creating the illusion of separated spaces in the same room. For instance, when you see a mirror on the wall, you expect to see a grooming/makeup setting nearby.


5 - How many teenagers in the same room?

If more than one young adult sleeps in the bedroom, you will have to consider their opinions separately. Especially if they have different interests. Unless they ask you for it, avoid matching pieces like the plague. They aren’t baby twins.

They probably have created “zones” (my side, your side) in the room, meaning that only one piece of wall art won’t do. If so, have a look at what each one considers as “their wall” before buying anything.


Step 2 – Think about interior design

Now that you have considered everything about your teenager, it’s time for you to think about interior design. Because, of course, you want the bedroom to look beautiful and stylish.


Here is what you need to consider on this step:


1 - Matching concept

You might be decorating only your teenager’s space. Or your entire house. Either way, it would be great if you could find a way to match the style of their bedroom with the rest of your home.

It might sound impossible after hearing all their demands. But, many times, it might be just a question of using the same materials, such as a similar type of wood or metal.

Still, if you don’t find a way around it, don’t worry: you won’t be the first person with a mismatched bedroom in the house.


2 - Available space

How much space do you have available on those walls? If your young adult is already using the room, the changes are the walls aren’t empty.

Will you be able to negotiate a few centimeters where you can place the new piece? How many?

Take the measurements before buying your wall art to avoid disappointment. If space is at a premium, check if they could have a new mirror or clock. Then choose a piece of wall art with this function.


3 - Easy to clean

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep a teenager’s bedroom clean. They can be messy and not willing to tidy it up. Others can be territorial, and not allow you in the room often enough.

Facing this scenario, the best wall art for a teenager’s bedroom is something:

  • They can clean in a few seconds
  • You, or somebody else, can clean in a few seconds
  • Something that doesn’t get/look dirty easily

A great option, in this case, is metal wall art. Any damp cloth will do the job.


4 - Easy to change

Adolescence is a daunting moment when you get to discover who you are. It’s also when you make several important decisions, such as your career and, maybe, your first romantic relationship.

For this reason, over those years, what you thought was cool today can read as terrible tomorrow. Meaning that wall art for teenagers that can be re-customized over time will make your investment last longer.

This is another reason to buy metal wall art, as you can paint it. Or buy wall art with separated pieces they can move around or discard the parts they no longer feel inspired by.


Wall art for teenagers: you can do it

Several things must be considered when buying wall art for your teenager’s bedroom. From their preferences to interior design decisions, you might need to do some thinking.

But you can do it, it less complicated than you might be imagining. We have listed and explained the steps above, so you have a roadmap to guide you through your quest.

Still, lost and terrified, thinking they will hate what you buy? Here is another suggestion: you ask your teenager to do home decor shopping with you. It can even become a bonding moment for you two and this way you can be 100% sure they will love your gift.

Las Musas by Wassily Kandinsky | Canvas Wall Decor

April 12, 2020 — Hencely Team

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