Can Beach Towels Be Used as Bath Towels?

Sometimes, you need to take a bath towel with you on your beach holidays.  But your luggage is limited to 10kg, it’s already full, and you can’t stand the idea of using the hotel’s towels. Or you are staying in a hostel, where they don’t give you any for free.

But you are also going to enjoy a few days laying on the sand, making of a beach towel another essential item.

What do you do? Do you take the beach towel or the bath towel?

You might be siding towards the beach towels, as it can seem weird to spread a bath towel on the sand. If you also use it indoors to dry yourself is something only you will know, right?.

But this might not be the best decision. Let’s see why below.


But Before It…

Maybe you think this isn’t a real problem, except in the minds of fussy people. You can do whatever you want. You can dry yourself with either beach or bath towel and then lay down on the very same piece of cloth.

As long they are clean and dry, what is the matter?

Yes, ultimately, it’s up to you. But you should know a thing or two about the differences between these two pieces of cloth before making a decision. So that you know what you are getting yourself into.


Beach Towels are Longer and Thinner

The primary purpose of a beach towel is to create a barrier between you and the sand. Because of this, they are long so you can have your entire body on them. You can find small and oversized options to accommodate all heights.

Beach towels are thin, made of light fabrics, so they don’t add weight to your beach bag. It also makes them quick to dry, in case they get wet in the sea. Yes, you can use them to dry yourself after a swim. But the sun will probably give you a helping hand. They don’t tend to be absorbent enough.


Bath Towels are Ready for the Job

If you want something sure to do well the primary job of drying your body, you need a bath towel. They are ticker, absorbent, ready to manage as much water as you will find on your body after a shower.

Plus, they are made of fluffy and cosy fabrics. You will enjoy their touch on your skin. A beach towel, because it hasn’t been designed with this purpose, might feel hard or scratchy.


Can I Use a Bath Towel as a Beach Towel Then?

Again, yes, you can. Just ignore the weird looks at you and do whatever you want. But be aware of the limitations. Bath towels are much shorter than beach towels. Part of your body might end up on the sand.

Also, it won’t be easy to pack a bath towel in your beach bag because of its volume. And be aware that their fabric might attract the sand. Make sure you shake it very well before taking it back with you, or your room or bath will be a mess. For the same reason, it will be much harder to wash it afterwards compared to a beach towel, whose fabric repeals sand.


The Best Alternative: 100% Turkish Cotton Beach Towels

Ok, but the above, doesn’t solve your dilemma, right? You can’t take both towels with you, and one doesn’t do the job of the other.

So, if you must have a beach towel that can also be used as a bath towel, choose one made with 100% Turkish cotton. This fabric will bring the best of both worlds to your closet.

A 100% Turkish cotton beach towel is absorbent, cosy and quick to dry – even air-dry will do the trick. They are ultra-soft, the right choice for those with sensitive skin. And for being a beach towel, it’s also light weighted.

You also have no problem asking it to do a double shift. 100% Turkish cotton beach towels fabric is durable: you can wash it as many times you need without losing quality.


March 08, 2020 — Hencely Team

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