Everyone loves a stylish home, and the trends of home decor for 2020 are out there for you to explore.

Even if you are happy with the decoration of your house or apartment, it’s always exciting adding something fresh to it. It feels like buying new clothes.

But how you do it without spending much money?

The secret here is knowing what is hot and looking for a suitable budget alternative: find the tricks and tips below.

Vintage Details

Vintage items continue to be mentioned in the home decor’s trends. No matter how small the object is, it fires up the imagination and becomes a conversation-starter: everyone will want to know where you got it. Just remember you aren’t looking for antiques, but for anything between 20 and 100 years old.

Thankfully, you don’t need to spend millions on adding a vintage detail to your home. You can find exciting things in second-hand or charity shops. Car boot sales can also be a source of surprises. And the next time you pay a visit to your elders have a look around. Maybe they gift you something from their home. Remember, it’s about the story the piece has to tell, not the monetary value.

Black-White Interior Design

It’s long gone the time when black was a synonym of sadness. Or restricted to that life-saver dress or suit. Neither white is still considered a boring choice. You can use them in your home, any way you choose. But if you want to be trendy, put them together. Because a black-white decoration is in vogue in 2020.

Make sure you go beyond the obvious white wall with black curtains. But, yes, you want to be smart, especially with white or it will force you into cleaning more than often than you wish. Leave this colour for materials easy to maintain. And if you aren’t sure about the black, consider something small and affordable, such as black metal wall art.

Floral Wallpaper

A constant winner, floral wallpaper never gets old. They are the choice of many homes since their invention, offering prices for all sort of wallets. And while this pattern has been considered unimaginative, now they are back to fashion.

Good news is that you don’t have to pick the style you saw on your grandparents’ home. Floral wallpaper’s patterns have become vibrant, with bold colours and large-scale flowers. You can also try a stick-on wallpaper first if you aren’t sure about which one is best for your room.

Cosy Fabrics

Creating an inviting atmosphere is the goal of interior designers in 2020. The idea is to put together elements that will make you look forward to coming back home after a long working day. And here is where cosy fabrics play an essential part.

Wouldn’t you love to leave your shower and feel the embrace of a soft bath towel? Without having to pay much for it? It can be easily done by choosing 100% Turkish cotton towels. They will cost you a tiny bit more than your average department store item, but they are more durable. Meaning you will be saving in the long term.

Non-White Kitchens

Once upon a time, kitchens were the heart of the house, the place where you would receive your guests and enjoy meals with your family. Then living and dining rooms took their place, pushing kitchen decoration down to the second level of importance.

But now many houses and apartments have open-plan kitchens. They are connected to other rooms, trigging your desire to make them look as lovely as the rest of your home. And, for 2020, the trend continues to be adding some colour to your kitchen - something you can easily do by repainting your counter and cupboards or buying new appliances.

Kitchen art

But that was just the beginning of the trends in kitchen decoration. It’s also suggested that you place artwork in the area, as you would do for other rooms in the house. Bringing beauty to the cooking zone will inspire you and help you to improve the presentation of your meals.

Still, it’s good to be careful when choosing artwork for kitchens. You don’t want the heat and greasy smells damaging a painting or another sensitive item. For instance, canvas wall art can be a safer solution, letting you have a Van Gogh or Gustav Klint in your kitchen for very little money.

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are here to stay. Triangles, squares, circles, combined or not, bring excitement and playfulness to your rooms. And it’s effortless and cheap to decorate with them. You probably already have some items which can be set together to create this effect.

If you don’t, be sure it’s not hard to find fabrics with geometric patterns where you least expect. A beach towel with Aztec-inspired design, for instance, can become a throw on your couch. Or geometry can be found in something you placed on your wall, such as a metal wall clock.

Free-standing bathtubs

Wish you had a tub but never thought you could? If you have enough space in your restroom, you will be happy to know that free-standing bathtubs are trending in 2020. They allow you to enjoy a bubble bath without having to refurbish your bathroom.

You will feel like a queen or king inside one of them, and they can be found in all sizes and materials, suiting any budgets. Just make sure your bathroom floor is even and can hold the weight of the tub. They are also trickier to clean, as you will have to wash underneath it.

Get your home ready for the Decor Trends 2020

As you can see, you can align your home with the decor trends of 2020 without much effort or money. It’s just a question of picking the idea that suits your lifestyle and finding a space to it in your current decoration.

And if you are still unsure about what item you should buy, search for more home decor ideas in our collection.

March 02, 2020 — Hencely Team

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