We all know that stripes are thriving in the fashion world. They are also commonly found, nowadays, in many beach towels. But why? Stripes are so regularly used in beach towels because of the link between the stripes and the Navy. But how did it happen? And how did stripes become such a fashion statement
in our daily lives?

Back in the day, stripes were not considered "fashionable" at all. In fact, wearing stripes meant you were a social outcast. Horizontal stripes were usually used in criminals' clothing, symbolizing the jail’s enclosure of the cell in prisons. These uniforms obviously were a great way to show to the general public who was a prisoner, should these criminals manage to escape. But how did this negative connotation turn into such a fashion statement?

The classic white and navy blue stripes are known to originate from the French coastal region of Brittany. The 21 horizontal stripes of the Navy uniform symbolize Napoleon's victories. In fact, the striped uniforms were quite functional. Because of the stripes, the uniform was easy to spot on boat’s decks as well as in the water.

Coco Chanel, a well-known French designer, loved empowering her clients with more masculine elements in fashion. When she saw these uniforms, she started using these stripes in her designs, which became really popular and started to be worn by the French elite. The main story behind the stripes
also made her statement much more powerful. Women who were "social outcasts" in a men's world (no matter what their social status was) loved wearing stripes.

After Coco Chanel's amazing nautical designs became so popular, other designers added their own spin to this pattern—designers such as Missoni, Gaultier, and Paul Smith. Today, stripes are much more than just a trend. They have become everyone's favorite and go-to pattern—independent of age, sex, or social status. At Hencely, we enjoy what these stripes symbolize and celebrate them this season with multiple designs. Hencely’s striped beach towels come in different colors and designs for you to represent who you are, freely, no matter where the path may take you this summer.

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August 02, 2019 — Hencely Team

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