Every year we pack our bags and head for the beach. We lay our towels out on the sand and enjoy the sun. But we hardly ever stop to think about where our towels actually come from, and why it matters.

A towel is such an important part of a good vacation and is useful in so many ways that having a good product that you can rely on is essential. Turkish towels have a long history, and great thought is put into every detail of how they are made.

Here, I’ll talk about how every step is a part of a long tradition of both quality and beauty.


Straight from the Original Source

Turkish towels obviously originate from Turkey, and ours are no different. They are created out of 100% Turkish cotton. The yarn is first spun and handwoven on a loom. Each fringe is hand knotted. This labor-intensive process at the beginning is what allows the towels to hold up, use after use, and get better and softer with time.

Turkish Towels have a Unique Style

Each towel design is different, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. Each one has to be specially shaped in the designs and colors that look the best. Then they are each inspected, carefully packed, and shipped.


Making it Your Own

From us, the Turkish towels go directly to you, where they can be used for almost anything. The high-quality cotton makes them absorbent, and the special technique used in weaving the cotton makes them extremely durable. The towels are, of course, perfect for the beach, but they can also be used as a bath towel, a travel towel, and anything in between.

Is It Worth It?

Turkish cotton is very absorbent, but just absorbing water isn’t all a towel needs to do. It needs to dry just as fast, or you’ll be stuck with a wet towel all day. The thinner Turkish cotton towel is the perfect balance for both absorbing and drying, as compared to something like Egyptian cotton that is good at absorption but doesn’t dry nearly as fast.

With their thinner stature, Turkish Towels are also much easier to travel with and pack in your beach bag or even your suitcase, if you are going on a beach vacation. They come in such a variety of beautiful colors and shapes that everyone is sure to be jealous of you if they don’t own one!

The process of making and receiving a Turkish towel is surprisingly simple when done correctly. With honest work, respect, and tradition involved, unnecessary extra steps are eliminated, bringing the process back to what it should be. Good materials and craftsmanship at the start create a good product in the end— it’s that simple. Investing in a Turkish towel can be rewarding for years to come. All of the effort certainly pays off in such a wonderful product.


May 11, 2019 — Hencely Team

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