When it’s time to hit the sand and enjoy some much needed time at the beach, there are a few things that are always important to pack. A swimsuit is a must-have. So is sunscreen, flip-flops, and a towel. A towel is good for so much more than drying off after a dip in the ocean! It is one of the most important things to consider when packing for the beach and should never be forgotten at home. Here are a few reasons often overlooked when considering the importance of bringing along a beach towel.

Protecting Your Car Seats

The last thing any parent, friend, or car owner would want is to come in from a fun day at the beach and have water and sand tracked into their vehicle by bare feet and damp swimsuits. Having a beach towel on hand can save the upholstery (and the mood!). Laying a towel over the seats first can save time and clean-up in the car. It can also protect sensitive skin from hot seats.

Carrying Items to and From the Beach

Sometimes, in the excited rush to get to the water, beachgoers can forget their beach bags. But if a beach towel is on hand, it’s no problem. You can quickly throw your must-haves into your towel and tie it up for an easy way to carry your belongings without worrying about dropping anything or leaving anything behind.

It also makes for a great way to carry things you don’t want in your bags and backseats when you return from the beach. Wet swimsuits or damp shells collected from the sand can be tricky to find somewhere to put. Wrapping them in a beach towel can save such situations from turning messy.

Claiming Your Spot, and Finding It Again!

Once on the beach, it’s always important to find the perfect spot to lay out. Laying down a beach towel is the traditional way to claim a spot of sand as your own. It can save a place for friends to join you and ensure that you get just the amount of sun and shade you want without someone else barging in.

Of course, finding your spot and all your belongings again after you get up is essential. Having a brightly colored towel not only lets people know the space is occupied, but it helps your friends and family find you in the crowd. Plus, it also lets you find your own spot! The last thing anyone wants is to get carried away playing or relaxing in the water and not remember where they left their things.

Multi-Purpose Blanket

Everyone uses beach towels to lay on. They make an ideal place to tan, sleep, and even picnic on. However, they can also provide surprising warmth as a blanket. While beaches may be blisteringly hot during the day, they can cool off significantly at night. Sometimes, during the day, you can even find yourself catching a chill when the wind blows in off the water. Wrapping a beach towel around your shoulders can really bring some much needed warmth.

Fashion Statement

The vast variety of beach towel styles available allows you to have endless opportunities for making different fashion statements. One option, depending on the type of towel, is to wrap the towel around the neck and shoulders in a kind of makeshift scarf for when there is just a little chill in the air. You could also wrap it around your chest, tucking the end in under your armpit, to create a pencil dress. Yet another option is the traditional one where you tie the towel at the waist to create a makeshift skirt. This can be paired with any outfit, depending on the design, and provide a different look for moving from the beach into restaurants. Modesty is also a bonus, as towels can be used as swimsuit covers so that you are only exposed as much as you want – whatever makes you comfortable.

No matter where you go, a beach towels is always an essential item to bring along. Beach towels have endless uses and can make any trip to the beach go a little bit smoother. Don’t forget yours and see what uses you can come up with for your versatile travel companion. 

May 11, 2019 — Hencely Team

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