Turkish beach towels vary in size and color. And given their quality, they also have a number of uses, regardless of place and time. If you own a Turkish beach towel yourself, you might discover new uses that you haven’t tried before. Here are they:

Head Covering

Sometimes, your hair does get in the way regardless of length. So using a Turkish beach towel as headwear could save you the hassle of repeatedly flicking your hair out of your face.

And if your hair is wet and you need your hair to dry out, covering your head with a towel could help soak up moisture. In addition to that, it looks really stylish.

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Beach Mat or Picnic Mat

It may be obvious, but you can use Turkish beach towels as your dedicated beach or picnic mat.  Thanks to the high-quality Turkish cotton weaving, you won’t have to worry about sand or dirt penetrating the towel.

Plus, it is lightweight and small in size when you roll it up, so it’s not a hassle to carry when going on vacations or outings.

To Keep You Warm

Say you’ve had your share of the ocean water, and you decide to take a stroll around to enjoy the scenery. But, as you walk, you might feel a little chilly from the ocean breeze. You can use a Turkish beach towel to keep you from shivering.

For Aesthetics

So you’re at the beach, and you decided to take a beautiful photo for your social media. In that case, use a beach towel to add some color to your shot.

Regardless of size, you can use your Turkish beach towel to level up your sense of fashion for a more photogenic appeal. You can still look stylish even if you don’t plan to wear one for a photo.


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