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The saying “bigger is better” is not true in all cases. Luckily, large beach towels are beneficial for a lot of things.

Larger beach towels mean more coverage, and that concept can apply to a lot of things like beach mats. Covering a larger surface area can accommodate more space to sit on or for more people, also leaving more room for your belongings.

And while we are on the topic of coverage, if you ever need to leave your purse, bags, and other belongings behind, larger-sized beach towels will allow you to cover more of your things to keep prying eyes away and keep your stuff intact.

Aside from using it on the beach, you can also use a large beach towel as a picnic mat. It’s literally multi-purpose!

Dolphin 100% Cotton Soft Large Beach Towel

If you’re looking to use a beach towel to cover up yourself, possibly for fashion or practical use, having a large beach towel is the way to go.

Given its lightweight material, you can use a large beach towel for a skirt, shawl, scarf, or even a makeshift dress. Additionally, beach towels can protect you from the cold sea breeze in the evening.

Covering yourself up in a beach towel large enough to be considered apparel could lead to various picturesque moments fit to be posted on social media to share your summer experience.

Using a large beach towel as a creative accessory for a photo can go a long way because large beach towels come in various colors and designs. Each one adds a different color accent to your look.

Sure, a regular-sized beach towel might be enough for you. But you can never go wrong with a larger one.

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