Today’s Peshtemals or Fouta Towels are descendants of the towels used in royal Turkish baths. These are handwoven from premium Turkish cotton and are multi-purpose when it comes to usage. You can use them in spas, baths, beaches and the vibrant colours of these Peshtemals make them suitable for home decor too.

Unlike cotton from other parts of the world, Turkish cotton has long fibres. Because the cotton fibres are long, these towels have fewer joins and thus, feel gentle on the skin. These luxury Peshtemals are –

  • Ultra-soft and Lightweight
  • Thin and Durable
  • Highly absorptive
  • Quick Drying
  • Easy to Carry

These Turkish Fouta towels used to have striped designs and hand-tied fringes, and the tradition still continues. The manual labour-intensive process ensures that no Peshtemal lacks the luxurious feel. With products like Turkish Peshtemal Fouta Blue Stripe Towel, Hencely is bringing back a slice from the royal history and make you a part of the Turkish culture.

And you can use these anywhere you go.

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