What art should I put in my bedroom?

Your bedroom is where you go to relax after a hectic day. So, you can't just put any art piece in there. Your bedroom shouldn’t be treated the same as your living room or home office.

Anything that affects the calmness and cosiness must not be in the bedroom.

So, here are 11 ideas for you to try. Pick your preferred art depending on whether you want your bedroom to be classical or playful.

1-Large metal wall art

A large metal wall art piece in your bedroom would be the centre of attraction. And it also could be the centre of the vibes being given by the room.

You can have an antique design if you want to have an old-world charm. Or you can hang modern abstract metal art for casual decor.

Then, if you want to have a natural aura in the room, you can check this 4-piece four elements metal wall art set.

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2-Stylish wall tapestries

Tapestries also serve as a great wall decoration item. Depending on how you want your bedroom to be, you can buy a suitable design, either from your local market or online.

Fancy colourful designs, minimal abstract art or soothing mandala wall tapestry, whatever you need, you'll find them.

You can even turn old carpets and rugs into a tapestry. Or make DIY tapestry at home with furniture covers, tablecloths or pretty beach towels lying around.

3-Wooden wall hangings

Wooden wall hangings go well with various room decor styles. Whether you’re getting a room with vibrant colours, pleasing neutral colours or faded colours, you'll find a wood wall art for it.

Word arts, motivational quotes, paintings on wood are among the different options available.

And to further personalise your gorgeous master bedroom, you can get a couple photo in a wooden frame. You can also have your name and your partner’s engraved in wood.

4-Polaroids gallery wall art

A photo gallery of Polaroids would also be a captivating option for your bedroom wall art.

Whether you’ve clicked some moments at home or in photo booths around the world, you can string them together. Pick a corner to tape the string on a wall. Or you can get a pinboard or a decorative metal wall organizer to display them together.

You can even go for a retro look with black-and-white monochrome print pictures. Also, try creating some washed out effects in your photo editor.

5-A set of canvas paintings

Depending on what kind of decor you are setting up in the room, you can find a range of themed canvas paintings to go with it. And you can pair different paintings together or buy a set.

Go for landscapes, oceans or some calming abstract canvas painting sets when you're buying them for your bedroom. Anything which is visually calming would be good.

You can even have this romantic heart canvas wall art to fill your room with love.

6-Personal decor items

Yes, you can even show off your personal collection to liven up your bedroom. Pull your action figurines out from the box, hunt for the masks from the freshers’ party and get your hands on whatever else you find. Arrange them all on floating shelves.

Favourite books, colourful ceramics or carved flower vases, whatever you love, you can put them together on wall shelves. Flex your artistic brain a bit.

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7-Stylish storage boxes

Colourful cardboard boxes or themed small wooden boxes too can go on the wall shelves. These boxes will keep your keychains, IDs, UNO cards and everything else safe.

You can also use them to keep ticket stubs, coins and other travel souvenirs. With those boxes, nothing will be lost.

Of course, you can use your favourite G. I. Joe or Avengers action figures in the front to guard the boxes.

8-A single large portrait/poster

Another way to imprint personality in your room is by hanging a large portrait of your favourite celebrity. A poster of your dream travel destination might also freshen you up every time you enter the room.

So, whatever lightens up your eyes: an author, inspirational figure or a cabin in the woods, get it printed out. Hang it on a wall for your morning (or evening) inspiration.

9-World map metal wall art

Gone are the days when you could have a world map only on paper. Our world is varied, and so are the world maps.

Corkboard, wood or even metal world map wall organiser are available for interactive wall decor. You can use them to organize daily reminders, tour notes or other receipts.

You can also buy classic world map decals or get one cut out of glass. Or you can choose to paint DIY world map wall art on a cloth.

10-A plain (or colourful) wallpaper

And yeah, the good old wallpaper is still in fashion. The designs might have changed, though. Flowers, bamboo forests or simple stripes whatever you prefer, you can order it off Walmart.

You don’t even have to paper the whole room. Just put the design up only on one wall if that’s what your style is.

But what if you prefer colourful stickers to wallpaper? Well, the wall is all yours.

11-A full-length mirror

And a bedroom, of course, will be incomplete without a full mirror. They help you get ready and also make the room feel more open by reflecting light.

With handmade artistic designs, you can get possibly any design you can imagine. Wooden frames, metal frames or plain glass with intricate carvings, get the one that suits you.

You can even add a dash of colour and style with colourful mirror frames.

Wrapping it up

This list only suggests what all bedroom art is available out there. Actually, there is no shortage at all. Be creative and make your bedroom into the sanctuary to fall in love with.

And if you need more ideas, do check our creative collection of wall decor items. We have a range of metal wall art, canvas wall art and glass-framed designs for you to choose.

January 12, 2021 — Hencely Team

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