Out of all the options for beach towels, Turkish towels can be some of the best, but why? Well, they have several things going for them that no other towel can offer. Let’s start at the beginning. Turkish towels are actually considered the first towel ever invented. There is a long history of quality that goes into making them. They are generally made on Turkish looms from 100% Turkish cotton.

Does 100% Turkish Cotton Make Them Absorbent?

Yes—Turkish towels are very absorbent. This can be surprising to some people because they are so thin and lightweight. However, their thickness does not keep them from doing their job and actually makes them a perfect compact travel companion.

What Do Turkish Towels Look Like?

These Turkish towels come in a variety of styles and designs. For example, we offer a standard beach towel that is 30 x 60.2. They can also be round beach towels, or even 39 x 70 peshtemal towels. Really, they can look like anything and be just as versatile in style and design as any other towel.

But do Turkish Towels STAY Looking Good?

A lot of people don’t realize that Turkish towels can be washed in a washer on the gentle cycle and dried on low heat. Though what is even easier is the fact that they can air-dry very quickly. This is useful on the go and at the beach, as well as at home. The key is just to not over-dry them. It is best to wash them before you use them since they will shrink a little, but do not deteriorate in quality and actually get softer over time.

So Turkish Towels are for More Than the Beach?

The lightness and softness of these towels is unlike any other. The vintage look lets them have a variety of uses beyond just drying off. They can be used as scarves, blankets, swimsuit covers, rolled pillows, and makeshift skirts if need be, among other things. They can be easily carried with you, air-dried and repurposed on the go. Perfect for any surprises or changes of the plan on your adventures.

Turkish towels are some of the best available because there is rich history and thought put into every aspect of them. They are not only made to look great and feel great, but one towel can be useful enough to replace several other travel items. There is no limit to the places and ways you can take and use these towels. They are so much more than a regular beach towel, and truly are a travel companion that only gets better with time.

May 17, 2019 — Hencely Team

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