What are Peshtemals? 

Peshtemals are traditional Turkish bath towels. They are made with 100% Turkish cotton, which is characterized by long, soft fibers. Peshtemals are very absorbent, they dry quickly, and they are very lightweight. 

The history of Peshtemal usage dates back to the Ottoman Empire when people used these types of towels to cover themselves up in hammams (Turkish baths). Although the traditional use continues, Peshtemal towels now have found usages in many other situations. Because of their absorbency, people also use them as pool towels and beach towels. Being lightweight, these Turkish bath towels are a preferred travel accessory. 

Moreover, they are thin and so they take up a lot less space than heavier, bulkier towels. You can roll them up for packing, and they still look beautiful. From the bathroom to gym and pool to picnics, Peshtemals can cover you ‘fashionably’ everywhere. You can use them as mats, too. 

Check out How to Use Peshtemals anywhere you are. 

Peshtemal as tablecloth 

Whether you are having dinner at your table or a friendly get-together out on the terrace, you can use Peshtemal as a tablecloth. Your Peshtemal will not only keep the table safe from accidental spills but also doubles up as a beautifier. 

Peshtemal for home décor 

We have a range of Peshtemal towels in different colors and designs which you can use as a replacement for curtains. Give them a try. If curtains are not what you want to change, is it the furniture? You can even cover your furniture with Peshtemal to change their complete look-and-feel. 

Peshtemal as couch throw 

You can use these trendy and chic towels as light blankets while having a quick afternoon nap. And when you aren’t using it, perch it by the corner to upgrade the look of your couch. 

Peshtemal as apron 

You need something to keep your hands clean in the kitchen, and a Peshtemal around the waist serves the purpose. When used as an apron, it will keep your clothes clean too. You can even throw in a few towels around the kitchen to enhance its appearance. 

Peshtemal as scarf 

On a cold autumn evening, you can wrap a Peshtemal to match with your garment, like a scarf. If it gets colder, you can also cover yourself up as if it’s a shawl. Your favorite Peshtemal is not just a towel.  

Peshtemal at gym 

The Peshtemals manufactured at Hencely are highly absorbent and can be your companion while you’re sweating out at the gym. And it’s light enough to comfortably hang around your neck. Pack an extra set in your gym bag, and you will feel no difference. 

Peshtemal for beach time 

Peshtemal towels serve many purposes when you’re out on the sand. You can dry yourself, wrap it as a sarong, lay it as a blanket or use it to cover yourself. You can even use it as a stylish skirt. How about buying a bunch of Peshtemal towels in wholesale?  

Peshtemal as picnic mat 

Whether you’re having a day out reading at the park or a family picnic, you can take a Peshtemal along to lie down. We have Peshtemals in various colors and designs to suit any occasion. 

Peshtemal as seat cover 

You get pretty messed up after an outdoor adventure. So, you can use Peshtemal to cover your car seats when returning from the beach, a sweaty session at the gym or after dirt biking practices. 

Peshtemal as travel towel 

As said earlier, Peshtemals are thin and lightweight towels. Thus, you can pack it up comfortably in your bag and carry your favorite towel anywhere. They even dry quickly so you won’t have to worry about carrying a wet towel around. 

I will now leave you to your imagination to come up with other innovative ways to use a Peshtemal. 

Hencely manufactures and sells Peshtemals made of the finest Turkish cotton. They come in modern, vibrant colors to suit you and your house as well. Check our selection of Peshtemals, try them, mix and match and flaunt your style. 

Your world is never gonna be same again.

May 11, 2019 — Hencely Team

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