Leopard Paw Print Large Beach Towel - 100% Cotton Red - Gray

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By Hencely

Your search for high-quality beach towels ends now.

Also known as Peshtemal, Hammam Towel, and Fouta Towel, this handmade beach towel is made of indigenous Turkish cotton. And because of their large size, softness, and high absorbency, this beach towel is useful in multiple other occasions.

You can use it at pools, in the spa, during gym sessions, as a shawl, and also as a travel towel.

The premium quality Turkish cotton in it has long fibers and fewer joins. It makes the towels durable and also provides a plush touch on the skin. This handwoven towel is ultra-soft and will be a great beach towel for kids, infants, and adults with sensitive skin.

Wipe away your body and hang the towel out to dry in air. It would be ready to pack up soon. It’s lightweight, takes less space, and can be rolled up in your bag easily. This luxury beach towel is a perfect travel companion.

Material – 100% organic Turkish cotton
Size – 37”x73”
Weight – 350 grams (13 ounces)
Highly Absorbent
Quick Drying
Super soft 
Made in Turkey

• Soft and Fluffy – This handmade Turkish beach towel is ultra-soft and will be a perfect beach towel for kids, infants, and adults with sensitive skin.

• Absorbent and Cosy – Our range of classic Turkish towels absorb water easily and will dry you off without any sweating just after the bath. Also, the long fibers allow these luxury beach towels to have less joins, and thus, they feel smooth on your skin.

• Quick Drying – This absorbent Turkish towel dries faster than other towels. It doesn't need a high temperature in your drier and can even air-dry in a whiz. Unlike your regular cotton towel, these multipurpose towels don't get smelly and you can use them as bath towels with ease.

• Lightweight – This cotton Turkish towel is thin and doesn't take a lot of space. And, it is light enough to carry around or as a travel towel in your bag.

• Versatile and Long-lasting – Use it as a scarf, or drape over the shoulders as a shawl, this beach towel looks fabulous either way. You can use it as a gym towel, sauna towel, at the spa, and even at your fitness center.
Use this Turkish towel during hiking, camping, or on boats, and it won't leave you to perspire.