Hencely Turkish Throw Blanket 57 x 78 and 78 x 90 Inches Herringbone blankets for Couch, Sofa, Farmhouse and Home Decor - Pink

By Hencely

Throw Blankets

Turkish Woven Throw Blankets: This is a Turkish woven throw blanket that is a
comfortable and soft blanket. It can be used in any room in the house. It is 100%
cotton, and it is woven with an attractive design.

Size and Design: This warm lightweight blanket comes in two sizes: 57” x 78” and
78” x 90”. It comes in eight different colors, and it is a cozy blanket to keep you
warm and comfortable. It is the perfect size to use while you are watching television
or sleeping.

High Quality: The throw blanket is high quality, made of cotton, lightweight, and
soft. It is the perfect covering on a chilly day. It is popular because it is so functional,
and it becomes softer each time you wash it. You will get a lot of good use out of this
throw blanket.

Many Uses: The throw blanket is versatile and can be used in many different ways.
You can choose two throw blankets for the couch, or use it as a throw blanket on the
bed. It can be a sofa cover or a bed cover, and it is a throw blanket for all seasons.

Variety of Colors: You can choose one of the eight colors to fit in with your decor.
The throw blanket comes in two sizes, and you can use it in your bedroom, your
family room, your entertainment room, or the office. It comes in neutral or bright
colors to match any room.