Mother Bear Metal Wall Decor | Black Animal Metal Wall Art

By Hencely

Mother Bear Metal Wall Decor.

Choose the minimal metal wall hanging to let the wall express who you are.

Finding the perfect decorative wall panel have never been easy. It’s right here. And it sits perfectly with your contemporary home decor style.

The modern metal art design, although minimal, is expressive enough for the wall to show your personality.

And you can set it up on your wall with minimum efforts. It is durable, lightweight, and easy to install. A hanging bracket is fixed to the product. No further fittings are necessary. 

Whether you’re looking for minimal modern interior decoration for home or office, this modern metal art decor goes well. You can hang it in the bedroom, use it on the living room walls or show it off in the guest room. Make it the centerpiece of the gallery wall in the lobby or accent a wall in your office, this modern wall hanging charms the surrounding.

Wall decoration has never been more fun.

  • Material – Metal
  • Color – Black, Powder Coated
  • Thickness – 1.5 MM
  • For indoor use only