Although we don’t think about them constantly in our daily lives, towels are real essentials in our lives.
Whether you are planning to hit the beach on the weekend or inviting your family and friends to spend
the weekend at your place, having enough beach towels is really important.

When it comes to buying towels, it starts with knowing what your needs are. Your family, how many
children you have, the occasion, and the place are all factors that will determine how many you should
buy and what kind of towels you need.

When we are talking about towels, the first thing that comes to mind are beach towels, for sure! But
how many beach towels do we need? The thing about beach towels is they are used as more than just a towel. Their main objective is to protect you from the heat from the sand or the grass, by working as a barrier as well as keeping you dry and clean.


Our personal needs totally change the answer of this question. If you are a mom and go on a family vacation, it is wise to have at least one beach towel for each child. Also, when choosing beach towels, you should really consider their size. Usually, when it comes to moms, more space means more control at the beach. So XL beach towels are a great idea, to be sure you and the kids are comfortable. It is a great idea to have an extra towel or two, for obvious reasons. (We know how much kids love having chocolate ice cream at the beach and how it can ruin your favorite towel if it melts!) So, for a family of four, the calculation goes like this:

Mom: 1 towel (+1 extra)
Dad: 1 towel (+1 extra)
2 Kids: 2 towels

If you are traveling alone, "where" you are going is really important when it comes to how many beach towels you need. If you are going camping, where you will enjoy the beach at the same time, having an extra is also very wise. Because of the environment, you are going to be in, it's quite likely the towel will
get dirty and you may not have the opportunity to wash it when you need to.
If you are going to be staying in a hotel, one good beach towel per person should be enough. (Usually they keep extras for you anyway!)

We know that beach towels are also used to complete your “beach look,” so choose a color that will look great with all of your beachwear!


We know how it feels. Whenever you need some towels at home, it feels like there are never enough of them, even if your wardrobe can not hold one more piece. But why does this happen? The answer is actually quite simple: Not knowing what you need, and buying without considering the quality.

Buying a good quality towel can actually reduce the number of towels you need. A good towel should be absorbent, quick-drying, and lightweight. Therefore, choosing 100% cotton beach towels is a great idea. Turkish cotton towels get softer with every wash, making them long-wearing, which reduces the number
of towels you need, for sure! Bearing these points in mind, here is how many towels a family house should have:

Kids: 4 bath towels and four hand towels a week.
Adults: 3-4 bath towels and 2 hand towels a week.
Guests: For each guest, 2 bath towels and 2 hand towels.

These numbers may vary according to the laundry-washing frequency. If you are going to the gym every
day, or go to the beach regularly, you should double these numbers.

A QUICK TIP: Consider the laundry-washing frequency while choosing the color of your towels. As you
know, whites should be washed separately from darker tones. So, choose a color according to the colors
you use the most is quite smart. Choosing a unifying color for the whole family can also work pretty well, making their cleaning upkeep easier.

January 25, 2020 — Hencely Team

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