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The process of designing and decorating a home doesn’t come easy. But revamping your wall colours and designs can bring a new flavour to your room, even if you plan to do only one wall.

You won’t have to move your furniture or invest in new carpets. You already have, have you? Never mind, you can still check which of these wall design ideas look pleasing to you and charming to your walls.

  • A bold accent wall with taped patterns
  • A wallpaper that enlivens the wall
  • A bunch of wall decals to complement your personality
  • A gallery wall of photo frames and metal wall art
  • A line of colourful Peshtemals and wall hanging cloth calendar



Those were a few ideas for your wall decoration. You can also browse the home decor catalogue of Hencely to fuel your creativity. The online shop has metal wall clocks, large metal world maps and other captivating wall art accessories. 

Place your order, or drop a message if you want customised items.

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