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Wall Decor you'll Love in 2020

The world has entered the new year, people are setting new goals, watching new dreams; and everything else is changing. From eating habits to work rituals and from clothes to home decor, something new should seep in your life too.

So, bringing you some ideas for wall decor you'll love in 2020.


Renovating your home and beefing up the wall decor doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process. Putting up some canvas portraits along with metal wall art or nailing a new wall clock along with motivational quote posters will give you refreshing vibes for sure.


Splashing a new color on the wall and playing with patterns and wall decals will make your walls livelier too. You can also couple your ideas with wall art designs by Hencely. Whether you’re looking for nature themes, wildlife metal art or abstract designs, they’re available.

You can also get a bunch of Turkish Peshtemals for your home. Yes, I am not joking. You’ll love Turkish towels as home decor pieces. So, get going.

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