After a long day, we all love to take a long, warm shower and then rest in our soft towel a bit before getting dressed. But how should we wash them to keep them soft?


The most common mistake while washing your towels is using conditioner. We know that most of the people believe it will make them softer in the long run, but it is actually the opposite! Because the conditioner builds up with every wash, your towels will become stiff and feel really rough, over time. This also happens when you use too much detergent.

However, conditioners are not the only thing you should run away from! You should avoid using fabric softeners as well. They lay a thin layer of wax on the towels, so the fibers of the towels get damaged, which effects the absorbency. When it comes to absorbency, silicone-based products such as softeners
or conditioners harm your towels, so cancel them out as well! Now that you know what not to do, we have a little tip for you! While washing your towels, add a little
white vinegar to your rinse cycle. It will remove the any remaining detergent, and your towels will be much softer.

P.S.: Never use bleach while washing your white towels. Bleach destroys the fibers, which makes your towel stiff and non-absorbent.



The optimum temperature to have the best results while washing your towels is between 40°C to 60°C. While washing your towels, 40°C is the best temperature to keep your towels soft and fluffy in the long run, while 60°C kills almost every kind of germ and bacteria. Some experts also believe that prewashing is important if you want to keep your towel soft and fluffy. To have the best outcome, they suggest to have a cool prewash (which is under 40°C), then to have a
60°C wash to kill the germs and the bacteria.


Washing your towels after every use is not a very good idea. Instead, try to wash them every 3-5 uses. This will help you to keep your towels fluffy and soft as long as possible.

While washing your towels, you should also try not to overcrowd the washing machine. This is really important because when there is not enough space in your washing machine, the towels may not be able to receive enough water or detergent.

It is important to keep in mind that choosing a high-quality towel will allow you to save more in the long run. High-density towels are usually more absorbent and long-lasting. Turkish cotton has special features that have strong fibers, which enable your towels to get softer with each wash. Click here to learn why Turkish cotton towels will be your favorite once you try them.

January 24, 2020 — Hencely Team

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